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Version: 3.x

Overview of Features

TapResearch offers a variety of content formats, including surveys, interstitials, and banners.

Survey Wall

The survey wall is the way to monetize your players using the TapResearch SDK. It is a full screen experience that allows your players to earn virtual currency in exchange for completing surveys. The survey wall is available in portrait and landscape mode, and is fully customizable to match your app's look and feel.

You can configure the survey wall to have a custom header, background color, and button color. You can also configure the survey wall to have a custom currency name and currency icon.

There are also ways to target different cohorts of users using our User attributes feature.

Placements and content

There are different kinds of content to choose from. Each of them offer a different interaction method to send a user to the survey wall.

If you do not choose a placement for content, it will go into the "Unpublished" section. This means that it will not be shown to users.

See the placements page for more information.

Content modal v3.1


Currencies are found under the Settings tab in the TapResearch dashboard, once you click into an App Title.

You can have as many currencies as you'd like. Each currency can have a different name and icon. You can also configure the exchange rate for each currency.

Currencies view

Each currency can also have variants. These variants can be used to offer different exchange rates for different cohorts of users.

Currency variants