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My app hasn't gone live yet. Should I wait until it does before I integrate TapResearch?

We've had a number of successful apps integrate prior to going live. We encourage you to begin the integration process as early as you're able to.

Where can I learn more about monetization?

Check out our Publisher Monetization FAQ.

How can I be sure that my app is well-integrated with your SDK?

We encourage you to send us a test build so we can ensure proper integration between your app, our SDK, and our servers.

What happened to other SDKs that were available in the past?

The following SDKs have been deprecated and are no longer available:

  • Adobe AIR
  • Javascript
  • Supplier API

What is the difference in monetization between First Time Users (FTU) and Repeat Users?

All survey takers are valuable, however repeat users offer the largest ROI.

First Time User (FTU) experience is extremely important and we focus heavily on this respondent experience to ensure these users see the value of their time and of the opportunity to earn rewards. Once a FTU converts to a Repeat user, they quickly learn that successfully completing a 35 minute survey yields higher reward value than watching 510 videos.

What is a user profile and how is it used to map users to commercial surveys?

User profiles are created by the user when they first attempt to engage with the survey wall. Here are some examples of the criteria that we ask:

Surveys are matched to the user based on the profile they have created by answering a few questions. As they continue to take more and more surveys, their LTV (lifetime value) will increase and keep them engaged within your app.

When do we get paid?

Payments are processed approximately 90 days after the month that the revenue was earned.

In order to ensure on-time payments, please fill out this form:

What is the reconciliation process and why are user responses rejected?

Market Researchers may reject user responses for a wide variety of reasons. Below are the main reasons a users response may be rejected:

  • Utilizing VPN proxies
  • Poor or gibberish answers on open-ended (write in) questions
  • Speeding: User finishes a survey in such a short amount of time where it is reasonable to assume they did not actually read the questions
  • Straightlining: meaning they selected answers in a line on a grid question
  • Inconsistent Responses: Users answers do not make sense. For instance, they said they have never heard of Netflix, but then say that they pay a monthly fee for the service in another question

What if I have questions about billing or reconciliation?

Please submit any questions to We will do our best to answer in a timely manner.

What do we do if a user complains about an issue with a survey?

While rare, issues do occur. We strive to empower and enable users to contact us directly through the TapResearch experience. This allows them to alert us to an issue, and enables us to both reward the user and begin addressing any potential issues.

If you are contacted, please let us know. It is important to us that we address it quickly and ensure a positive and rewarding experience for both you and your users. Users can and should reach us directly, as in the example below.

If you do need to contact us at, please help us investigate quickly. To do so, please include one of the following: User ID/Player ID/MAID, as well as the time and date that this was reported. If screenshots were provided, please include them.

Our customer support team will respond to and begin investigating all reported user incidents within 24 hours.

Our goal is to always provide you, your team, and the users with a positive experience.

Users can also submit requests directly from the Survey Wall:

Support Request