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React Native

Step 1: Setup

Install the React plugin

Run the following command:

$ yarn add react-native-tapresearch

Automatic Installation

Recommended only for React Native versions below 0.60

Skip this step if you are using React Native version 0.60 and up, in favor of auto-link.

$ react-native link react-native-tapresearch


In build.gradle of your app, add maven { url "" } in the allprojects/repositories section:

allprojects {
repositories {
maven { url "" }


In project_folder/iOS, update cocoapods:

"TapResearch", "2.5.0"

$ pod install

Manual Installation iOS

  1. Locate RNTapResearchSDK.xcodeproj {PROJECT_ROOT}/node_modules/react-native-tapresearch/ios
  2. Open your project and drag RNTapResearchSDK.xcodeproj into the Libraries folder.
  3. Add the libRNTapResearchSDK.a to the Link Binary With Libraries section under the Build Phases tab.

Manual Installation Android

  1. Add compile project(':react-native-tapresearch') to the dependencies section in app/build.gradle.
  2. Open and add new RNTapResearchPackage() to the list found in the getPackages method.
  3. Add the following lines to settings.gradle.
include ':react-native-tapresearch'
project(':react-native-tapresearch').projectDir = new File(rootProject.projectDir, '../node_modules/react-native-tapresearch/android/app')

Step 2: Initialize

Initialize the TapResearchSDK as early as possible so TapResearch can start getting surveys ready for your users. The initWithApiToken() method only needs to be called once on after the main component has been mounted. It's recommended that you use separate API tokens for iOS and Android so you can track performance metrics separately in the dashboard.

import RNTapResearch from 'react-native-tapresearch';

componentWillMount() {

Next step will be to send a unique user identifier, please note that without a unique identifier the survey wall won't be available.


Our system only accepts User IDs with ASCII characters. If necessary, you can convert it to BASE64 before sending the User ID to us.

Step 3: Handle Placements

A Placement is an object that should be attached to the app's call to action that will direct the users to TapResearch.

To view the available placements or to create a new one, navigate to the app settings in the Supplier Dashboard and copy the placement's identifier.

The Placement is encapsulated in the TRPlacement object which contains metadata and the method to display the survey wall.

An Event is an object that should be attached to the TRPlacement that will prompt the users with a call to action if you have created one in your supplier dashboard for that specific placement. More on event setup can be found here: Sales & Events.

import { tapResearchEmitter, PLACEMENT_CODE_SDK_NOT_READY } from 'react-native-tapresearch';

// Register the placement listener
componentDidMount() {
this.tapResearchOnPlacementReady = tapResearchEmitter.addListener(

// Placement listener
onPlacementReady = (placement) => {
if (placement.placementCode != PLACEMENT_CODE_SDK_NOT_READY) {
if (placement.isSurveyWallAvailable) {
console.log("Survey wall is available");
} else {
console.log("Survey wall isn't available");
} else {
console.log("The SDK is not ready");

More About Placement

  • The survey wall may or may not be available to a specific user. It's important to check survey availability before displaying the call to action.

  • A placement can only show the survey wall once. After the survey wall is dismissed, you'll have to wait for a new TRPlacement object from subsequent placementReady callbacks if you want the user to go back to TapResearch.

Displaying an Event (New!)

When placementReady has been called then you can call displayEvent on the placement you desire:

To display the survey wall, call the TRPlacement.displayEvent method and pass in the placement.


To listen to survey wall status, you can add tapResearchSurveyWallOpened and tapResearchSurveyWallDismissed events.

this.tapResearchOnEventOpened = tapResearchEmitter.addListener(
placement => {

this.tapResearchOnEventDismissed = tapResearchEmitter.addListener(
() => {
// Should make a call to fetch placements again
onSurveyButtonPressed = placement => {
if (typeof placement !== 'undefined' && placement.isSurveyWallAvailable) {
console.log('Showing the survey wall');
if (placement.isEventAvailable) {
// Alternatively, with passing params
// RNTapResearch.displayEventWithParams(placement, { 'foos': 'buzz', 'fizz': 'boos' })
} else {
RNTapResearch.showSurveyWallWithParams(placement, {
foos: 'buzz',
fizz: 'boos',
// Alternatively, with passing without params
// RNTapResearch.showSurveyWall(placement);
} else {
console.log("The survey wall isn't available", placement);

Step 4: Handle Rewards

Server to server callback

To opt in for server to server callbacks, navigate to the Supplier Dashboard. Please visit API docs to learn about callback integration.

In-app callback

The SDK will check if the user has unredeemed rewards in the following events:

  • On SDK initialization
  • When the user exits TapResearch

Pass tapResearchOnReceivedReward and the listener method to tapResearchEmitter to handle new rewards that the player earned in a session.

The reward object information will contain the following fields

Method nameTypeDescription
transactionIdentifier()StringThe reward unique identifier
currencyName()StringThe virtual currency name
placementIdentifier()StringThe placement that started the session identifier
rewardAmount()numberThe reward amount in virtual currency. The value will automatically be converted to your virtual currency based on the exchange rate you specified in the app settings.
payoutEvent()numberThe action that the user was rewarded for. 0 - Profile Complete, 3 - Survey Complete.

// Import the TapResearch Event Emitter
import { tapResearchEmitter } from 'react-native-tapresearch';

// Add the listener
componentWillMount() {
... // initialize SDK

this.tapResearchOnReceivedReward = tapResearchEmitter.addListener(

// Implement the callback method.
onReceivedReward = (reward) => {
// Handle the reward

Additional callbacks (Optional)

Add additional listeners if you want to be notified when the survey wall status has changed or when a survey becomes available. See below for the event names you can subscribe to.

  • tapResearchSurveyWallOpened
  • tapResearchSurveyWallDismissed
// Notified when the survey wall is visible
this.tapResearchOnSurveyWallOpened = tapResearchEmitter.addListener(

Upgrade: to v2.5.0

-initPlacement was deprecated in favour of onPlacementReady callback event.

-Events feature is now available in dashboard to add interstitial functionality to your TRPlacements.


-Resolved a compliance issue with Google submissions that prevented apps from updating with our 2.4 or lower SDKs.

(Debug) Troubleshooting

Survey wall isn't available

If placement.isSurveyWallAvailable is false, please reference the Android or iOS integration guides for further steps.


Please send all questions, concerns, or bug reports to

Done: Going Live

Learn how to take the app live.