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A placement is the part of your application where users can access TapResearch's survey wall. Generally, it's associated with a call to action such as an action button or a list item. Placements are created within the Supplier Dashboard.

Placement Considerations

Placements should be called just prior to the call-to-action being presented to the user. If the initialization is successful and the placement survey availability property is true, the call-to-action can be presented to the user. If the survey availability property is false, the call-to-action should not be shown.

A Placement may indicate that no surveys are available for the user under the following circumstances:

  • The Placement was initialized before the SDK initialization was complete
  • The user failed to pass certain validations (e.g. underage user, VPN connections, fraudulent behavior)
  • In some locales, inventory is limited

A single placement call can only initiate TapResearch for a user once. After the user returns from TapResearch, they will not be able to reuse the prior placement. The best practice is to request a new Placement before showing the call-to-action again.

For each placement, you will need to specify an Exchange Rate, a Profile Reward, and a Currency Name.

Best Practice For Naming Placements

We recommend naming your placements using this template:

GameTitle - Platform - CurrencyName

For example, "Soccer Stars - Android - Coins"