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Currency Sales

Currency Sales are an effective way to draw-in and entice new users by temporarily increasing the reward they receive.

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We recommend running currency sales every two or three weeks lasting from two to four days.

Create an Interstitial Event

Now that your currency sale has been setup, you can create an interstitial call to action to drive players into it using TapResearch's event system! Your event can be created on a placement running a currency sale by selecting the edit icon on the placement itself.

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Default Placement

A default placement refers to the standard Survey Wall that is accessible with all existing placements by default.

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Interstitial Placement

An interstitial placement refers to a visible, full screen take over that captures user attention for your customized call to action.

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Interstitial Settings

Capping & Pacing

You can configure settings for your interstital, such as caping and pacing to manage the frequency it can be seen by users.

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Uploading Images

Images can be uploading for portrait and landscape. We will infer based on the device, and current orientation when calling the event which image to use. Only 1 image is required.

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